Our Sister Concern

Thanda Garam

Thanda Garam is a food and beverage unit of Genesis Pvt Ltd. We produce different kinds of fresh fruit juice which are available 365 days a year. Taste the freshness of fruits that you’ve never experienced before. Try out our free samples available in all our outlets in Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bailey Road, Khilgaon and Mohammadpur & Sylhet. Once you taste our fresh juices you won’t like anything better.


Aminah is a research and publishing concern of Genesis Pvt Ltd. The objectives of Aminah are the implementation of the concepts of the Quran. Creating enlightened safe life and Creating Books and Pen-Friendly Life. The continuous study, observation, and practice of the Quran. Analyzing and presenting eternal truths in the modern mind in the field of technology. Creating a fond and entertaining reader

Genesis 21

Genesis 21 Limited is a supply and service-oriented company. It is operating with the commitment of serving the business partners with dignity and gaining a competitive advantage for the partners. It is a sister concern of Genesis Pvt Ltd which has been doing business for 33 years in the industry of Media buying, printing and packaging with an excellent track record and large portfolio. Genesis 21 Ltd. has corporate agreements with the largest local and multinational companies to ensure the supply of the products required for our valued clients. We have skilled-enthusiastic resources and sound financial strength to operate the business and take challenges.

Together we can achieve more

We strive towards creating customer-centric solutions that add value to client’s business